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Disadvantages To Being Muscular? [Just For Fun]

I would rather say that there are far more benefits than negatives, but there are some disadvantages for sure. For Fun sake, let’s explore some of these:

People get frightened easily.
Well, this can also be a benefit sometimes- for instance if someone wants to start a fight on a night out, they’ll usually skip you and go pick on an easier target. Or when someone spills your drink in a party, they’ll usually apologize and will buy you a new one instead of just ignoring and walking away.

Unwanted Attention: People will inappropriately touch you.
People might want to touch you inappropriately as they want to touch and feel the muscles and it can definitely be an awkward experience

Buying the Right Fit Clothes can be a hassle
You might want to wear large or extra-large tops but because the only thing that really gets bigger on those shirts is the stomach area they will still look stretched around your shoulders and arms. You also wouldn’t roll up sleeves past mid-forearm, which doesn’t look as good as the high-roll most of the time. Jeans and suit pants are the worst though, if you go shopping for them it will be a miracle to find a pair that fit.

Even if you talk about fitness for five minutes and spend an hour discussing literature, a lot of people will still blame you of talking about nothing but the gym. In actuality gym is just a part of my life but besides my friends and people who I have other things in common with (like reading, study, etc) a lot of people I talk to on a night out will just assume I care about nothing but lifting heavy weights.

You have to listen to a lot of people’s excuses.
People constantly justify to me why they don’t have a body like mine, usually saying ‘not enough time’, which is complete bullshit because clearly, I found the time to do it. I work, study, have a social life and other hobbies, yet apparently time is not a factor. It’s ridiculous to me how often people say stupid stuff like that, as though watching three hours of TV is a necessary activity and hitting the gym needs to come after that.

Grocery bills are sky-high.

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