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FB Nutrition Mass – Strawberry Banana 5Kg


Mass Gainer | Bulk Gainer Supplement

If you’ve ever had difficulty truly growing or had a problem maintaining your hard-earned size, FBN product was designed specifically for you. FB Mass Gainer is scientifically designed to give you a large portion of protein and carbohydrates. FB Mass Gainer unites scientific research with the finest ingredients at accurate doses to bring you the most excellent possible outcome.

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FlavourStrawberry Banana

FB Mass Gainer is one of the ultimate mass gainer available. Either using a single scoop or double scoop serving, you can adapt FB Mass Gainer to robust our individual fitness goals or diet supplies. Combining only the best quality protein sources and a complex carbohydrate blend.

FB Mass is made only for one thing: building serious size. FB Mass Gainer is only the highest-quality ingredients that produce incredible results. Protein is paramount. When you think of a valuable mass gainer, don’t make the mistake of looking at overall total protein and calories, there’s a whole lot more that goes into an effective gainer. FB Mass Gainer each scoop of 40 grams consist of protein from high-quality whey protein concentrate and soy protein isolate.

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