FBN Creatine (150g)

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Better Strength And Recovery For Improved Performance With FB Nutrition Creatine 

  • Every serving of FB Nutrition Creatine gives you 300mg of Creatine Monohydrate to support your training. 
  • Creatine boosts recovery and prevents any chances of muscle fatigue and soreness. 
  • FB Nutrition Creatine is an ergogenic which helps improve ATP production to help you push through intense training sessions.
  • These supplements are vital for faster lean muscle development as they initiate the growth of new muscle fibers. 
  • With FB Nutrition Creatine, you also experience a significant improvement in brain health. 
  • Creatine is a type of organic compound that is found naturally in the human body. It is very important for the regeneration of energy within the cells. In the human body, the kidneys and the liver produce creatine which is then stored in the muscle tissue. However, for physically active individuals, the creatine consumption must be higher to fulfill the required intake. Since most natural sources of creatine are non-vegetarian, this supplement is also recommended for vegetarians and vegans. The major role of creatine is in the production of cellular energy. 

    With a product like FB nutrition, you get several benefits that can take your training to the next level, as mentioned below: 

    • Better athletic performance: The most important benefit of creatine is that it promotes the production of ATP in the cells. When you consume creatine, the amount of phosphates available in the body increases. This leads to faster production of ATP. These are the energy units of the body. With more energy being produced in the muscle cells, they are able to sustain long hours of training. 
    • Makes muscles look larger: One of the biggest benefits of creatine supplement is to draw water into the muscle cells. This makes the muscle cells appear larger and gives you a better pump. It also helps you build new muscle fiber that contributes to the strength and endurance of your muscles. 
    • Retain muscle mass: Creatine helps in strengthening muscles because it naturally boosts the ability of muscles to perform. In fact, consuming creatine is known to prevent muscle loss with age. When muscles retain more water, which occurs with increased creatine consumption, protein synthesis is also boosted. 
    • Improves endurance: The best creatine benefit is experienced by endurance athletes. The function of creatine is not only to increase energy production but also increase the levels of stored glycogen in the body. This is also beneficial when you are training for long hours. In addition to that, cell inflammation reduces, allowing you to push yourself more.
    • Faster recovery: With improved protein synthesis and water retention, your muscles are also able to recover faster. The advantage of this is that you do not have to deal with muscle soreness which can hamper training ability. As a result, you are able to steadily increase the intensity of your training for faster results. 


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FBN Creatine (150g)FBN Creatine (150g)FBN Creatine (150g)