2.  Gyms Are Opening Back Now – What To Take Care Of When Visiting A Gym

  1. As the lockdown restrictions lift, we are sure that you may have questions about what’s safe is it for you and your family is when it comes to resuming your gym routine. Here’s what we know right now. When gyms reopen, the Govt recommends that you adhere to certain precautions. These include the frequent cleaning and disinfection of commonly used surfaces and of course asking staff and guests to stay home if they’re sick.
  2. Some gyms are thinking to make changes to their systems, such as:
    1. Changing the layout or setup of the space to make social distancing easier
      – Switching off the AC and keeping more doors and windows open for increased ventilation
      – Replacing soft, porous objects, such as chairs with fabric upholstery with Plastic chairs
  3. Things you should consider when you resume your workout routine at the GYM
    1. Bringing your own sanitized towels, water bottles, and exercise mats wherever possible
      – Keep your sweat drained clothes in a separate bag and not in a commonly shared locker
      – Take a shower with soap and water right after your workout
      – Use a disinfectant to wipe down machines before and after you use them
      – Finally, if you feel sick, AVOID going to the GYM
  4. Keeping all the above-mentioned points in mind, it is best to stay at home and invest in some home-based exercises. Check out Blog on Weight Management Exercises To Do While At Home
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