2.  Healthy Ways To Put On Weight When You�Re Underweight

  1. Being underweight is a risky state and there are more chances of health complications. Being Underweight means a person having a BMI of less than 18.5. Underweight condition is associated with many health risks and may even lead to surgical complications. To overcome the issue the solution is to gain a good amount of weight healthily. This article will be a guide for gaining weight in healthy ways.

5.  Gaining Weight: Go for The Natural Diet 

  1. The process of gaining weight is easy if you choose unhealthy ways or artificial methods of gaining weight. But gaining weight in healthy ways is a bit slow process but is an effective one. The best way is to have a proper sufficient diet. The artificial methods of gaining weight can damage your health system badly. So be strict about the process you choose. Here are a few healthy ways that can help you in gaining weight naturally without a complex process.

7.  Best Ways To Gain Weight 

  1. The steps discussed below can give you the best solution for underweight people who wants to gain weight:-
    1. Add more calories–  Eat more calories than your body normally burns. Creating a calorie surplus can be effective in gaining weight. If you need to gain weight slowly you need to add around 300-500 calories and 700-1000 calories for fast gain.
    2. Eat more proteins– The most promising nutrient for weight gain is protein. A high-protein diet can burn your extra calories to muscles that gain weight. Always aim around 0.7-1 grams of protein per pound of body weight. Protein-rich foods like fish, eggs, dairy products, nuts, etc.
    3. Plenty of Carbs and Fat– intake of fat helps in weight gain and high carbs foods. Take only good fats that are useful to the body.
    4. Don’t skip meals– each meal is important, at least have 3 meals per day. This can maintain your weight.
    5. Eat energy-dense foods– energy-dense foods help to gain weight fast and in healthy ways too. Nuts, dried fruits, high-fat dairy products, fats and oil, meat, grains, and tubers are energy-dense foods.
    6. Heavy workouts– lifting heavy weight can convert your fats to muscles and help in weight gaining. Gym regularly to maintain your extra fats and avoid becoming obsessed. Lifting weights makes you strong and gain weight.
    7. Supplement through a Mass Gainer– Add a Protein-Based Mass Gainer to your daily routine. This will provide you with the required quantity of proteins that can not be acquired through a regular diet

9.  Slow & Steady Always Wins

  1. Always be patient in the process, don’t try artificial methods and create chances for risk. Being patient and consistent always makes the process successful. Always be proper with diet and workouts to gain weight in the healthiest ways. Adding up a good source of food will give you a good health system in the process of gaining weight.