Whey Protein and Fitness

Whey Protein and Fitness

2.  Why Whey Protein Powder Is The Choice Of Bodybuilders & Athletes?

  1. A large variety of whey protein powder is available in supermarkets and other nutrition stores. But some of us might be confused that which one is suitable for us. Well, whey protein powderis the first choice when it comes to bodybuilders and athletes.
  2. Let’s explore why.

6.  Why Do We Require Whey Protein Powder?

  1. As we all know that protein is a basic building block that is crucial for the maintenance and growth of the muscles. Also, it enhances the performance, strength, and composition of the body.
  2. Hence, it is recommended to consume a protein-rich diet. But sometimes when we are involved in sports activities like body-building, etc. we cannot only rely on the protein-rich diet. We also need to take the whey protein powderfor the betterment of our bodies.

9.  What All Whey Protein Consists Of?

  1. The very first thing we need to know is that what is whey? Whey refers to the liquid part of milk that is separated when the cheese is produced. Milk consists of two types of protein that is whey (20%) & casein(80%). After the cheese production, whey undergoes several steps, and after that whey protein powderis originated. Whey protein is bad in taste, hence, it is usually flavored such as vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, etc.

11.   Types Of Whey Protein : Whey Protein consists of three types.

  1. Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC)– This type of whey protein is rich in nutrients.
  2. Whey Protein Isolate (WPI)– This also consists of nutrients but it doesn’t include fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and fat-soluble to make it contain a higher amount of protein.
  3. Whey Protein Hydrolysate (WPH)– It is also referred to as pre-digested protein as it breaks down peptides for quicker absorption.
  1. There are so many whey protein powders available, you might be confused that which one is suitable for you. No worries, FB nutrition presents one of the best range of Whey Protein Powders for your usage with the best in class formulations.