2.  Effects Of Being Underweight

4.  When The Person Is Underweight?

  1. By finding the BMI range anyone can identify their weight scales recommended by The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In a nutshell, If a person is less than 18.5 in BMI then considered as underweight.

6.  Risks Of Being Underweight

  1. Being underweight can cause lots of health-related issues in the body. Issues which are experienced by a person when are underweight are :
    1. Osteoporosis– this condition leads to weak bones and makes them brittle. There are more chances of bones breaking. A study in 2016 said that being underweight increases women’s risk for osteoporosis.
    2. Skin, teeth, and hair-related issues-these physical symptoms are the indications of poor diet and poor nutrition. They exhibit symptoms like hair loss, dry skin, and brittle nails.
    3. Anemia-the person being underweight have more chances of getting affected by anemia. Which has low blood cells count in the body, which causes, headaches, and dizziness.
    4. Slow or impaired growth– young age people need good nutrients to grow healthy. If the person is underweight then there is poor nutrition which leads to impaired growth. Doctors call this case a ‘failure to thrive.

8.  The Effects Of Being Underweight

  1. It can divide into divisions like:
    1. Psychological effects: The psychological effects can affect thinking that is inflexible thinking. Lack of concentration in things you do, most people haven’t noticed this condition as they forcefully engage themselves in works or activities. Behavioral changes take place which leads to personality change. Underweight people get mood swings often. These are the effects of being underweight psychologically.
    2. Physical effects: There is a list of physical effects caused by being underweight. The first comes to the heart and circulation problem which results in a heart with weak muscles. The blood pressure and heart pulse decreased. Infertility problems are closely associated with underweight cases which results in fewer sex hormones. Bones become weak due to poor diet and less calcium content in bones. Muscles get weak and muscle wasted. The sleep cycle is also affected. Thus the physical effects of being underweight.
  2. Being underweight is one major risk that may lead to some critical complications in the future. The best way to gain weight is to add good nutrients and maintain a proper diet. Thus the effects of being underweight are discussed above.
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