2.  Milk Thistle – Ever Heard Of It? It Saves Your Lever!!!


  1. Milk Thistle is a great natural remedy that is beneficial for our health in numerous ways. The active ingredient in this is silymarin. Mary thistly or holy thistle are the other names of milk thistle. This is the ultimate solution for most liver problems and studies also claim that it can manage type 2 diabetes and reduce cholesterol. Before diving into the benefits of milk thistle, let’s gather a little information about milk thistle.
  2. 2.  What Is Milk Thistle?

  3. You must have heard of the daisy plant, milk thistle is also the plant with the same family. It is found in Mediterranean countries. It is the source of natural remedies that helps us treat various health problems. More significantly, it is used to cure liver problems. So, it is very effective on the following sufferings.
  4. -Jaundice
    -Gallbladder disorders
  5. Let’s discuss some other benefits of milk thistle.
  6. 2.  Benefits of Milk Thistle

  7. Protects liver: As we have discussed that milk thistle is beneficial for the liver. It consists of silymarin, an active ingredient, it is responsible for detoxifying the body from within. Hence, results in curing liver problems.
  8. Enhances skin health: According to a study, milk thistle consists of anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties which are great for the skin.
  9. Reduces cholesterol: Controlled cholesterol is a symbol of a healthy heart. So, intaking the milk thistle means no worries and a healthy heart.
  10. Reduces weight: Well, this is also an alternative if you are looking for losing weight.
  11. Reduces insulin resistance: As we have mentioned earlier, milk thistle can be effective for controlling type 2 diabetes. It is also helpful in reducing insulin resistance.
  12. Prevents cancer from spreading: Milk thistle is a great source and it can stop certain types of cancer from spreading. It cannot cure cancer but it can prevent it from spreading.
  13. Improves bone health: According to 2013 research, milk thistle is helpful to prevent bone loss. Bone loss is caused due to an estrogen deficiency. Milk thistle helps to create estrogen in the body and makes the bones strong.
  14. Boosts immune system: If our immune system is strong, we can fight any infection or flu. And milk thistle is with us to build our immune system strong and help us to fight all the infections.
  15. Improves cognition: It helps us to improve cognition & cure degenerative conditions that affect the mind.
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