How To Build And Maintain Muscle Mass? - Expert Tips To Follow

How To Build And Maintain Muscle Mass? - Expert Tips To Follow

our top priorities. Muscle mass gives your body a lean physique, more definition to muscles, and the proper amount of bulk and size to frame.

But it is not easy to lose fat and gain muscle mass in its place!

It requires time, perseverance, and a long-term dedication to build muscle.

For maximum muscle building, three conditions must be met: you must consume more calories than you burn, you must consume more protein than your body can use, and you must engage in a physical activity that puts stress on your muscles.

While gaining large muscles may seem difficult, serious muscle builders achieve their desired muscular body with the right workout regimens, diet, and supplements.

Many will contradict the positive effect that premium quality dietary supplements bring with them, especially on our muscles. But supplements are seriously very helpful in gaining desired muscular body. Creatine, Protein Powders, and Weight Gainers are the ideal supplements for muscle development.

Tips To Gain Muscles

 Eat Every Three Hours

It's essential to eat the right food at the right time if you want to increase your muscle mass. The simplest strategy is to have balanced meals in breakfast, lunch, and dinner as normal, with meals post-workout, and healthy snacks in between.

You won't feel hungry often if you eat six smaller balanced meals more frequently rather than three large ones. You'll have fewer cravings, feel fuller more quickly, and your stomach will digest the food easily.

People have seen a reduction in their waistline by eating every three hours. Long intervals of not eating might lead to overeating at your next meal or to topping up yourself with unhealthy snacks that are full of bad carbs and calories.

Consume More Protein With Each Meal

To build and maintain the mass of your muscles, you should consume more protein. Eat at least 1g per 454g of body weight so if your body weight is 91kg you should consume 200g of protein per day.

Protein supplements are the easiest way to consume more protein. Along with protein supplements, eat protein-rich food items like Red meat, Beef, pork, lamb, Chicken, turkey, Tuna, salmon, Eggs, Milk, cheese, yogurt, lentils, tofu, seeds, soybean, and nuts.

To fulfill the protein requirements of your body, you can also buy protein supplements from FB Nutrition, a renowned dietary supplement brand name in the industry. They have a wide range of protein supplements in different flavors.

Weight Training Is A Necessity

Training that employs weights for resistance is referred to as weight training. Weight training places the muscles under stress, which forces them to adapt and get stronger, similar to how aerobic exercise boosts your heart.

You don't need to lift weight more than your body’s ability to bulk up. You can attain amazing results using smaller weights if you are consistent and patient. In order to generate muscular exhaustion, two things are crucial: the number of reps performed and how you carry out each rep.

To stimulate muscular growth weight training activities must be performed with a weight that only permits you to complete 1–20 repetitions. Additionally, the current study indicates that when it comes to muscle growth, some people may respond better to lower or greater repetition levels.

 Drink Enough Water

Water is one of your best allies for increasing the size, tone, and strength of your muscles. In addition to working as a lube for your joints and controlling your body’s temperature, water also transports important nutrients to every part of the body and supplies energy.

Water plays a vital role in encouraging muscle gain because it delivers the nutrients and minerals required for constructing protein and glycogen structures, the body's main sources of energy.            

Protein and water make up your muscle cells, therefore drinking more water will help you build more of them. The typical recommendation of 6 to 8 glasses per day is a decent starting point.

Shortcut To Give More Nutrition To Your Body For Muscle Mass Growth

It is possible to meet your body’s dietary requirements and gain muscle mass with your regular food, but it is a time taking process. If you want to get results faster, then certain supplements can help you gain a muscular body in a shorter period.


Creatine is a chemical that occurs in your body naturally. It gives the right amount of energy to your muscles and other tissues. It has an effect on your muscle cells and workout performance, which promotes muscular gain. Taking it as a dietary supplement, on the other hand, can boost muscle creatine concentration by up to 40% over normal levels. FB Nutrition’s Creatine powder is very helpful in boosting muscle volume. Enhancing water content in your muscle cells, it provides volume to your cells and helps in better muscular growth.

Protein Powders

Getting adequate protein is essential for muscular growth. To be more specific, in order to grow muscle, you must consume more protein than your body breaks down naturally. While it is feasible to receive all of your protein needs from protein-rich meals, some people find it difficult. If this describes you, you must go for a protein supplement. FB Nutrition’s Super Whey Protein Powder, Abundant In Digestible Whey Protein & Lysine is ideal for muscle growth.

Mass Gainers

Weight gainers are supplements that are meant to make it easier for you to consume more calories and protein. They are often consumed by people who face difficulty gaining muscle. Even if they are eating a lot of calories and training weights, they struggle to grow muscles. For them FB Nutrition has designed Mass Gainer that effectively improves muscle volume. It is designed with the highest quality ingredients to deliver incredible results to the consumers.

To gain muscle, you need to improve your diet and spend more time in weight training. Considering dietary supplements is the most effective choice for muscle gain. FB Nutrition’s premium quality supplements not just deliver essential nutrients to your body but are also safe, effective, and affordable.