Ready For Your Next Cycling Trip? Don’t Forget To Carry Your Isotonic Drink Along

  1. Hydration is a must when it comes to any sports activity. If you are a cyclist and going through the training sessions, it is very important to stay hydrated in a hot & humid climate. Cycling is great and it requires a lot of power, energy, strength, and speed. For proper energy and strength, hydration is crucial. If you are riding a cycle and you are not getting proper hydration, you will feel thirsty, and then your energy will decrease. Hence, it is very important to stay hydrated while cycling. as it might lead to dizziness and fatigue which is not a good thing for any athlete.

  2. 1.   Hydration & Drinks

    1. Well, if you are thinking that normal water will work here then let’s make it clear that only normal water is not sufficient for hydration purposes. Although water is a good source of hydration but with that our body also requires the essential minerals and salts that have come out of the body in the form of sweat. Hence, your hydration drink must contain 2-4% of glucose and sodium to enhance fluid uptake and flow of water from the intestines into the blood. As a rule, the solid content in your drink should be less for better absorption in the body. It must be lower or equal to the osmolality of our blood. (Osmolality is the measure of the solid content present in the drink.)  If the solid content is higher in the drink then the solid content will remain in our stomach and will not be absorbed into our bloodstream. This will be of no use and that is why the drinks should contain the minimum solid content.
    2. 2.   Types Of Drinks   

      1. Three types of drinks are available in the market.
        1. Hypotonic drinks: These consist of low sugar concentration than blood( 1-4 %) and allow for faster absorption.
        2. Isotonic drinks: These consist of similar concentrations as blood (6-8%). Hence, it is considered a universal sports drink. These provide carbs (moderate) and are absorbed quickly. But if you are the one who has a problem with digestion then this might not work for you. However, mostly all the sportsperson have a great digestive system and that is why it is the universal drink for all.
        3. Hypertonic drinks: These consist of high sugar concentration than blood (10% or plus) which is why they are not so good for cycling purposes.
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